10 Internet related things I'm thankful for


Aaah Thanksgiving. The non religious based holiday where Americans do what they do best… eat.

It’s a time of seeing family, and celebrating what we have and how far we’ve come while remembering where we once stood as a nation. It’s a rather fun holiday and one of my favorites. I love getting together with family and having a big meal and seeing everyone. Though there is one tradition I have always hated. Going around the table and saying what we’re all thankful for. Hate it.

I come from a rather large family and often the food would lose it’s piping hot temperature before we finished getting around the table, past the uncles, around the grandparents, and back to dad who started the whole thing.

My family is in another state far far away and right now I’m eating a bowl of vanilla almond Special K, which is not a temperature sensitive meal, so I feel that now is the perfect time to shove this tradition kicking and screaming out onto the Internet.

1. This blog – It gives me an outlet for all the ideas that come swirling through my head and a place to read your thoughts as well.

2. Twitter – What kind of social media geek would I be without being thankful for the 140 character communication powerhouse? I have met so many awesome people

3. Facebook – I have met, communicated, worked with, and received clients from the Facebook articles I’ve written. It also provides a good source of relaxation with it’s online poker. :)

4. The G1 – I love this phone so much it almost brings me to tears. Thanks to it I can never go back to a “regular” phone again and will finish Hound of the Baskervilles by New Years.

5. TweetDeck – This is by far my favorite way to use Twitter. Being able to split up columns and follow groups has been invaluable over the last year.

6. YouTube – A never ending stream of entertainment and information. I never get tired of all the great content that can be found here. Whether it’s getting an English lesson or watching parents scare the crap out of their kids, it’s almost always a good time.

7. Disqus – I really do love this comment engine.

8. Amazon – Holy crap the ultimate solution my shopping needs. Books & music all rolled into one!

9. HP Netbook – The ultimate in portability and usability. I freaking love this thing.

10. You – Without the Internet we would probably never have the chance to meet and you would never have read this post.

What about you? What are the 5, 10, or 20 Internet related things you’re thankful for? If you create a post about out, link back here so it will show up in the track backs or put it in the comments.

Thanks for reading,
Josh “Shua” Peters

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  • thoughtsdotcom

    Yes, all of those have allowed me to meet great people as well. I can't imagine my life without any of these tools. With blogs I have read all around the web I am exciting for the impending new list for next year.

    Sharon Baumeyer

    • http://www.shuaism.com Josh Peters

      It's such a strange thing to think of my life without these things now… imagine the free time we'd have 😛

  • http://www.shuaism.com Josh Peters

    It's such a strange thing to think of my life without these things now… imagine the free time we'd have 😛

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