20+ Social Media and Online Resources for Realtors

Think about buildings.

Dull, beautiful, lifeless, warm, inviting, scary, haunted.

We love to tell stories about them, describe who has lived in them and we mark them with plaques to signify what’s so important about them.

A while back I did an article about Century 21 and the request / challenge they gave to David Meerman Scott on the subject of new media marketing. My grandpa was a very successful Realtor, my cousin is a Realtor, one of my good friends is a Realtor, and in Feb I’m presenting to the largest commercial real estate group in Utah.

It seems like I’m being drawn to this topic. I can’t get away from it so I might as well embrace it with open arms and put together a couple lists to benefit the online Realtor.

Social Networks

Active Rain – A social network for real estate professionals to gather and tell their war stories, start conversations, get advice, and connect with each other.

Dwellicous – Think Delicious for real estate. Bookmark and share properties with family, friends, and potential customers.

FaceBook – Display who you are and what you do using a variety of tools and start making connections. I”ve read many testimonials of Realtors getting new business from friends they’ve made online.

GreenPearl – Formerly MyIdeaBook boasts over 450,000 real estate professionals, investors, and principals on their network all talking about real estate marketing, events, and issues.

HouseTubeTv – Like YouTube, but meant ONLY for real estate.

LinkedIn -Same idea as FaceBook but much more professional oriented.

Localism – Join your community (city) and post up advice, list real estate properties for sale, and talk about local events with other real estate pro’s and local businesses.

RealSeekr – Looks like eBay, acts like Zillow. This one actually has a place for commercial real estate, but it’s empty. Realtors can make profiles, list their properties, and connect with other Realtors.

RealTown – Network with agents, buyers, sellers, investors, etc. and gain valuable insight from articles and group discussions.

Trulia – Get advice and share your knowledge with real estate professionals and locals.

Twitter – More of a microblogging site its quite like a small social network where you can meet and communicate with people. The most powerful feature of Twitter is the search which will help you track down possible prospects or fellow Realtors.

WannaNetwork – Full of unique features for Realtors to connect, share, and invest with each other.

YouTube – Create a video of your property, place it on both your site and on YouTube to gain more exposure. Just please leave to 80’s porn music out.

Real Estate Sites

Craigs List – Post and search properties for sale or rent in your area.

Move – List and find millions of apartments and neighborhoods. Get tips, help, advice, and more from professionals.

Realty – Post and search real estate listings.

Zillow – See the value of real estate properties in the area and monitor their fluctuation.

Zipvo – A huge listing of available real estate properties for sale in your area.

Real Estate Blogs

Agent Genius – Real estate blog with tons of social media advice thrown in.

Home Gain – Real estate tips, stats, prices, advice and more.

Real-Estate.Alltop – A list of all the top real estate blogs.

Real Estate Marketing Blog – Tips for listings, SEO, and real estate online.

Real Estate Tomato – Blogging and content advice for Realtors


During my research I ran across quite a few crimes against humanity being perpetrated on many social networking sites and it really made me wonder what exactly these Realtors were thinking.

Your profile and display of your properties says more to those initial buyers than I think you realize. As buyers this is our first impression of you and in my opinion so many profiles and site just plain blew it. My first thoughts were along the lines of “sloppy”, “unprofessional”, or “wow, they really don’t care”.

I don’t want to see this happen to you so here are 5 tips I’ve come up with while researching  real estate and social media. Each one involves a tool and something to avoid doing or to do so you don’t blow your first impression.

Camera – Get a decent one, this is not an area to skimp on. As a buyer nothing turns me off quicker than a tiny, low res picture. I’ll skip right over it. This also goes for your picture on any social media profiles.

Camcorder – The Flip Mino HD is great for most scenarios, but if you really want to promote a professional feel and atmosphere on high end deals get a good digital camcorder and a tripod.

Blog / Site – Make it clean, make it informative, make it to the point. Long winded descriptions are great for SEO, but horrible when looking for details. List the details first, the 300+ word description second.

Profiles – Put a little of your personality into your online profiles. Make them fun and real, don’t be 100% business. People want to do business with people, not with a business pretending to be a person or vice versa.

Voice – Find your voice and mold it for your success. Work with being more professional, more fun, more informative, more emotional, less detailed, etc. till you find the voice that sells for you.
The sites are there, the tools are there, the ideas are there. So why are all the realty sites I see out there so dull? Why is there no story being told and why do we always

The biggest surprise to me was that when it comes to commercial real estate no one is doing… well, anything. Every site is geared towards homes, not businesses. The networks are almost 100% home and not commercial. Many of the sites don’t even have a commercial real estate section.

I smell opportunity, but this isn’t about me. This is about you. What do you think? Does the list cover everything? Am I missing sites or services Realtors should be using? Do you have any advice you’d like to give to any Realtors looking to start using social media as part of their business? If so please let us know in the comments.

Thank you for reading,
Josh “Shua” Peters


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  • http://www.creopoint.com Jim Searing

    Josh, thanks for your insightful post, links, and comments on how people can best project a professional image in social networks. It is amazing how people go to great lengths to convey the right image in person, and then forget that their profiles are accessible to clients, prospective clients, investors and interested parties all over the world. Detailed profiles are essential in a world of search engines and instant on-line accessibility.

    Re: Commercial Real Estate networks. Please take a look at CREOpoint at http://www.creopoint.com . This is a relatively new (since September 2008) global network specifically (100%) for commercial real estate professionals. It has news; groups on distressed property, green buildings and capital markets (and a coffee break section with humor!); perspective from leading bloggers and a growing membership…and more to follow as 2009 unfolds.

  • http://www.shuaism.com Josh Peters

    Thank you for the tip about CREOPoint.com I'll take a look at it and probably add it to the list.

  • CrystalCoastBlog

    Josh – you offer some excellent tips for those in RE.net. I would recommend real estate pros who are embracing SM to look beyond the typical real estate watering holes and hang out at traditional sites like Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, MySpace and LinkedIn. Of course, it's wise to write keyword-rich, unique profiles at each of these portals. Observing social networking “netiquette”, I always recommend those in RE.net to leave the hard sell at the door.

    Bobby Carroll – Crystal Coast Blog
    Dakno Real Estate Marketing

    • http://www.shuaism.com Josh Peters

      Thanks for the comment, and for the great advice. Social media is without a doubt a soft sell tactic when it comes to marketing. While researching, every successful example of real estate agents making deals and contacts via social media was through first building a realtionship with people. Later those people contacted the agent when they were in need of real estate services because they trusted that person.

  • 1LynnYoung1

    Hi Bobby, Having been in real estate since 1975, I find this all fasinating!!! Unbelievable!! Far cry from not having cell phones, lock boxes, internet, – great to see our profession going professional. Sincerely Lynn Walker Young, F.C.Tucker Co. Inc.

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  • Anonymous

    The Real Estate industry has changed over the last few years and so has the role of Realtors, even in Logan Utah. In the past, real estate agent were relied on for providing all the latest home listings. Now, the role of the Realtor has shifted more towards that of transaction manager and market expert

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    These websites are must have for any Realtor. If you’re not using any of this, you’ll gonna get left behind. Now a days, it’s all about web marketing. Building your online presence is the key for success.

  • http://www.elitestrategicbusinesssolutions.com/ Reputation Management

    It’s very important brands don’t turn social media sites into another
    advertising platform. It’s not about you and your company; it’s about
    your customers. What do they need? What do they want to learn?

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