All of Seth Godin’s Free ebooks in one place

You read that right, I’ve compiled all of Seth Godin’s free ebooks in one big awesome list. Seth Godin is a fantastic source of  constant information and wisdom. His blog is incredibly insightful and he produces books and ebooks left and right. The one thing he hasn’t done though is collect his free stuff in one spot.

I was looking through my ebook collection the other day and noticed I had a ton of his ebooks, but didn’t know if I had all of them so I went to his site and was stunned to discover he didn’t have a list of all his free ebooks to download (or at least I didn’t see it). I spent the next hour searching his site for free ebooks and found a couple I didn’t have. After a successful round of scavenging I decided to share my newly acquired treasure with you.

Some of these ebooks are a couple years old and a few things in them are outdated but the important parts, the ideas, are still very valid. You probably already know this, but to download them right click on the link, choose “Save As” or “Save Link As”. Give ’em a look and if I missed any that you know of please let me know (send me the link) and I’ll add them to list.


Tribes Audio Book


The entire Tribes (aff) book for free from Audible

Insubordinate (5219)

Insubordinate is Seth Godin’s take on a subject that could get you canned

BrainWashed (6265)

Brainwashed is about what we’ve been conditioned to do and how to change that.

WhatMattersNow (6153)

Things to think about and ideas to help you get the most out of business this year

BootstrappersBible (5509)

A guide to getting more done with less and running as lean as possible when bootstrapping your biz.

DoLess (6352)

Learn how to  be pickier about what you do and who you do it for so you can enjoy more of your life.

EveryoneIsAnExpert (5974)

This book is for anyone who wants more. More traffic, more influence, etc and path of least resistance to help you get there.

FixingMicahsSite (4150)

A look at a real person’s site (Micah) and how the issues he faced were addressed. You might see some of the same issues in your own site and how to fix them while reading this one.

FlippingTheFunnelPRO (3886)

Flipping the Funnel is all about giving your fans the power to speak up. This one is based around the needs of companies.

FlippingTheFunnelNonProfit (3533)

This one is based around the need of Non-Profits.

FlippingTheFunnelPolitics (3201)

This one is based around politics.

KnockKnock (4921)

Covers the 2 things your website must do and the 4 things it can cause to happen.

MoneyForNothing (5548)

All about getting traffic to your blog or site.

ReallyBadPowerPoint (4428)

Bad power point and how to fix it!

CurrentTribesCasebook (5986)

The ebook that was put together by Seth’s private tribe when he launched his book Tribes. It’s filled with their wisdom

UnleashingTheIdeaVirus (5622)

It’s pretty much what it sounds like.


*Since it’s tied to a charity this one goes to Seth’s site. It’s about companies that can help you make something happen… I think I should be on that list :)

Bonus links!
While I was putting together I came across 2 articles (1 new, 1 not so new) that really pulled this together. The first is from the man him self Seth Godin about why YOU should write a free ebook. I can speak from experience that good things can come from writing a free ebook, it’s how I got the book deal for TwittFaced.

This second link is a beautiful follow up to the why, it’s the how. Darren Rowse has put together a wonderful guide;  13 Steps to Write and Publish a Free Ebook in 13 Hours.

I hope this whole post is a source of inspiration and a great resource of wisdom and information to you and anyone you share it with.

Thanks for reading,
Josh “Shua” Peters

p.s. We’re giving away free copies of Twittfaced, if you want to see how you can get your mitts on a copy go here: 4 ways to win a free copy of TwittFaced!

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