Book Review And Giveaway: The Real Truth About Social Media

Real Truth About Social MediaThe real truth that “cuts through the bull shiitake of social media…” huh? We’ll see about that.

When I first heard about this book I thought “oh great… another.” Though after a quick read I changed my tone.

The Real Truth About Social Media is packed with unique insights and real world perspectives it’s an invaluable addition to any social media library and a must read for any true professional. Not because it’s information you don’t already know, but because it reinforces what every social media professional should know: “Old-School Business + New-School Technologies = Success ”

The book is broken down into 8 myths and 8 truths that the author, Eric Harr of Resonate Social Media, works to reveal and uncover. Weighing in at 105 pages this books holds a lot of value in very few pages (sounds like another great book I know of).

To get the complete treat you will need to read the whole book (lucky for you I’m giving away a copy). However, for the purpose of this review I’m going to give you the bookstore preview.

Myth / Truth #1: Social media is media / Social media is relationships – This is something we’ve all know for years, but it’s always worth repeating. There’s nothing like walking into my favorite coffee shop and having the barrista say “The usual Josh?”. Using social media you can build that feeling on a grand scale and encourage the repeat customers your business needs to survive.

Myth / Truth #2: Trust your instincts / Trust the data – When you want to know whether your social media is working or not “it looks good” isn’t good enough. Mr. Harr lays out several clear and consice ways to see the difference between “shiny” numbers and real actionable numbers. Knowing that increasing your Likes isn’t nearly as important as increasing your active users will take you, and your business, far.

Myth / Truth #3: Nice guys finish last / Nice guys finish first – How does giving away boxes of Wheat Thins or donating money to your consumers home communities help your business? You’ll just have to read this chapter find out.

Myth / Truth #4: There’s a sucker born every minute / What goes around comes around – The law of reciprocity is in full effect on the social web. Solving your people’s small problems for free will bring them back later, money in hand, to solve their larger problems.

Myth / Truth #5: To be heard, talk / To be heard, listen – Listening gives you more than just a heads up for when the shiitake is about to hit the fan, it can also give you insights into exactly what your fans / users / customers want to hear and what you can do and say to attract more.

Myth / Truth #6: People will share your stuff / People share awesome stuff – When was the last time you read something and said “wow, that was very mediocre… I should share it with everyone I know.” It just doesn’t happen. The lessons and case studies in this chapter will help you create the kind of awesome stuff that gets shared.

Myth / Truth #7: Social media is easy / Social media is hard (but worth it) – Without going into details, here’s the skinny on this one. Social media may not cost you giant bundles of cash like a Super Bowl ad would, but what it will cost you is a couple barrels of elbow grease. It’s time consuming, it’s sometimes tedious, but if you do it with the right attitude and focus towards results it will be worth it.

Myth / Truth #8: Honesty and transparency can be bad for business / Honesty and transparency are be good for business – Ever get caught in a lie? How much worse was it than if you were just open and honest about it at the beginning? Now imagine that all of the people who contribute to your paycheck with their purchases found out that you’ve been lying to them… not a pretty picture is it? Learn where to draw the line between being open and leaking company secrets and you will be a jewel in your customer’s eyes.

This review is just a taste of the nuggets of wisdom contained in this book. I would recommend it to anyone who is just starting out, has been in the field for a while or even if you’re a seasoned pro. It’s a quick read and if you don’t learn anything new it will reinforce your own thinking and give you more great case studies and ammo to put the few remaining nay-sayers in their place.

Now, if I’ve done my job you’d like to get yourself a copy. Luckily, I can help you with that desire one of two ways. The first is to click this amazon affiliate link (truth #8) which will send a few dimes my way if you purchase. OR you can simply tweet the following “I’m tweeting this link to @JoshSPeters review of The Real Truth About Social Media so I can win a copy”

If you’ve read this book already what did you think, if you haven’t what do you hope to learn from it?

Thanks for reading,

Josh S Peters



  • Mk

    Okay Josh, I tweeted (@PopcornReads). Hope I win!

    • Anonymous

      Good luck to you :)

  • Eric Harr

    Josh Peters! Thank you so much for this. I really, really appreciate it. This was way above and beyond. You rock! Eric

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Eric, I was happy to do it. Great book :)

  • Eric Harr

    Josh Peters! Thank you so much for this. I really, really appreciate it. This was way above and beyond. You rock! Eric

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