Breakdown of Facebook's new promotions and contest guidelines


Facebook has updated their promotion and contest guidelines again and it seems like nobody is paying attention. Which is a bad because if you’re not following the rules Facebook states they have the right to take your page down and remove all contest related materials.

I’ve read over then latest revision (dated 12-22-09) and while it’s not much different than what they were there are some key things to keep in mind, so here’s a quick breakdown of the rules as they sit now.

Section 1. General:

You need to be sure that your promo* complies will all the laws (state, federal, etc) before considering one. You are also completely liable and responsible for the contest in it’s entirety, Facebook holds no responsibility what so ever. You also can’t use their name, trademarks, copyrighted material, etc. in the rule or promo materials without express written consent. Also, misleading people in any aspect of your promotion is a big no no.

Section 2. Prohibitions:

You are prohibited from using a promotion if it’s open to people who are under 18, reside in a country embargoed by the US, residing in Belgium, Norway, Sweden, or India, or if you have to purchase something, complete a lengthy task or any other form of consideration.

Also, your promotion can’t have anything at all to do with alcohol, tobacco, dairy, firearms, gambling, gasoline, or prescription drugs as a source or a prize.

Section 3. Administering a Promotion through the Facebook Platform:

You can NOT administer any promotion at all without prior written approval from an account representative. Once you get that approval you can only administer it through an application (like WildFire) and users can only enter the promotion in the applications tab (or canvas page of the app).

There is also some VERY specific language you must have adjacent to the promotion entry field, very specific wording for how Facebook can be mentioned in the rules (see the rules for wording) and you must submit all materials to your account rep 7 days before the start of your promo.

You MUST have a designated person to contact about the promotion. In your contest rules you MUST say that Facebook does not sponsor, endorse, etc your promo, have release from all entrants from Facebook, and that all questions, comments, etc. be directed to the designated person and NOT Facebook.

Section 4. Publicizing a Promotion on Facebook:

You don’t need the written approval of a Facebook account rep if the promo is administered completely off of the Facebook platform and you’re just promoting the off platform promo through your Facebook account. However, if they think you’ve violated any of the other rules they will remove any and all materials related to the promo from Facebook and disable your pages and accounts.

To avoid this never ever indicate (directly or indirectly) that Facebook is a sponsor, partner, promoter or has anything at all to do with your contest. You can NOT condition it so that entry into your promo is gained by having people complete actions on Facebook (like posting on a wall, updating status, uploading a photo, etc.). However, you can condition entry to the promo after they become a fan of a Page (tab hidden to non fans).

Section 5. Indemnification:

You are responsible for EVERYTHING and Facebook is responsible for NOTHING.

Section 6. Facebook Rights:

They may (and have) change the guidelines when ever they want to and don’t have to notify you. So bookmark the promotion and contest guidelines page and refer to it before you launch any promo, contest, sweepstakes, competition, etc on Facebook. All decisions about promotions are at their discretion and can tell you to stop at any time for any reason.

They have the right, but are not obligated to, look over all of your rules, materials, etc. for the promo so you need to have them all at the ready in case you are asked for them. They may remove any material at all regarding the promo (including your pages and accounts) from Facebook if they want.

Facebook is not responsible for making sure your promo falls in line will all the state, federal, etc. laws. You are responsible and if someone is wrong you will be held responsible, not Facebook.

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