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How can we help the "older generation" catch up

First let me preface this by saying that in no way am I saying “old people” don’t know what the internet is or how to use it. This is not a belittleing or condescending post. This post is being sparked by conversations I’ve had recently with my own father.
Recently my dad bought an online store […]

SEO Basics and social media applications

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and even though people keep saying it’s dead or dying and it’s all because of social media, but the absolute opposite is true. How do I know this? Easy, do a Google Search. More importantly do a Google Search for yourself.

I ran a google search for my name and […]

Pay search engines to display your site

There are two ways you can pay a search engine to display your site. One is a touch controversial and the other is a billion dollar industry that was pretty much started by Google. They are paid inclusion and PPC (pay per click).
Paid inclusion
Paid inclusion is anytime you pay the search engine to include you […]

Internet Marketing Basics: Understanding Our Search Engine Overlords

It seems like ages since i wrote on my blog, and for that I apologize. The new gig has kept me more than busy and I’ve just been running on empty when I got time for the blog. However, now that we have the campaign now under way I’ll be back to a more regular […]

Guerrilla Social Media Marketing: Polls and Surveys

You suck at reading people, and so do I. But that’s fine because we have polls and surveys so that people can let us know what they are thinking. Today’s GSMM post is being hosted by Peter Korchnak over on his awesome Sustainable Marketing blog.
Surveys and polls: Can you read people?
Go take a look, and […]

Internet Marketing Basics pt. 1

As I’ve said while I’m finishing my Masters cert. in Internet Marketing my time is going to be a little sparse, but then while getting frustrated with some people who were confusing strategies with tactics I had an idea.
Everyone can benefit from learning the basics of internet marketing. Whether it’s defining common terms, discussing various […]

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