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Search and Social Weekly (1.10)

Josh S Peters Search and Social Weekly

It’s 2 days late, but hey, it’s all for a good reason. 2 of them actually. First is that I started a new gig as the Social Media Strategy Supervisor at Horizon Media’s LA office. The second is that I have a new project brewing that will be launching soon and I’ve been spending a lot of my free time setting everything up, doing the design, etc. It’s called Social Media Lunchpad and should everything go as planned it will go live the week after next.

Last week we saw some great announcements from Pinterest (of which I’ve already taken advantage) as well as some great new things from Google+ and some great content marketing resources.

1.Google Reader Alternatives: 3 Web Based RSS Readers to Manage Your Subscriptions via Kikolani

If you follow my writing, you probably know how much I love Google Reader. As you can imagine, this stopped me in my tracks. That’s right. On July 1st, Google Reader says goodbye. The Learn More takes you to a page that tells you what you can export using their Google Takeout tool, but nothing in the way of alternatives…

2.How to Find the Keywords that Work for Your Content Marketing Goals via CopyBlogger

When you do keyword research, you’re working to discover the actual words your customers use when they search for information about your content topic…

3. Making The Case for Social Business via Sidera Works

Lots and lots (and lots) of people struggle with this. How do you build a sound, sustainable case for social business initiatives in your organization?…

4. Which Content Marketing Tactics Get the Best ROI? via eMarketer

In an environment in which consumers’ attention is increasingly fragmented, the idea of using content to capture interest and engagement is catching on among marketers…

5. Google Plus Announces Redesign One Day Before Facebook’s News Feed Announcement via AllFacebook

What a coincidence: The day before Facebook is set to reveal changes to its news feed, rival social network Google Plus revealed a redesign of its profile pages…

6. Content Marketing Essentials 2013 via Mandloys

Exactly what it sounds like :)

7. Excellent Analytics Tip #22: Calculate Return On Analytics Investment! via Avinash Kaushik

Analysts: Put up or shut up time! This blog is centered around creating incredible digital experiences powered by qualitative and quantitative data insights. Every post is about unleashing the power of digital analytics (the potent combination of data, systems, software and people). But we’ve never stopped to consider this question…

8. Announcing Fresh Web Explorer via SEOMOZ

Have you ever wished you had an easy way to track all of your links, social mentions, and web citations in one place? If so, you’re going to like the latest addition to your SEOmoz PRO account. Today, we are releasing a new beta product to our PRO subscribers: Fresh Web Explorer…

9. Using Video SEO To Steal Clicks, Localize Results and Increase Conversion Rate via ReelSEO

Lead generation is difficult in any vertical, but it gets particularly tricky when it relates to health and medicine, where sites like Wikipedia, WebMD and Mayo Clinic dominate the results. We’ve been working with the search marketing team at BodyLogicMD, a provider of bioidentical hormone therapy, to use video snippets and geo-targeted pages to stand out in the SERPs and ultimately drive leads…

10. Everything you need to know to generate rich snippets via SEOgadget

This guide has been created to provide a quick and easy way of generating different types of rich snippets for your website, using a combination of Micro Data and you can generate snippets like…


Have a great week, and we’ll see you in a few days.
Josh S Peters

Search and Social Weekly (1.9)

This week is all about Facebook! I’ve collected some great posts to help you get more out of your Facebook experience both personally and professionally. Enjoy!
1. 14 Ways To Get More Facebook Shares [INFOGRAPHIC] via Mari Smith
Share is to Facebook as retweet is to Twitter. It’s all about how VIRAL you can get your fan page wall […]

Search and Social Weekly (1.8)

A round up of some of the best search and social posts from last week. Enjoy!
Finally! Your Full Instagram Feed Hits the Web
Ever wanted to browse your full Instagram feed — that is, the latest stuff in real time from everyone you’re following on the photo service — without having to reach for your smartphone? […]

10 Search and Social Posts You Don’t Want to Miss (1.7)

Excel Statistics for SEO and Data Analysis
Statistics is all about collecting, analyzing and interpreting data. It comes very handy when decision making faces uncertainty. By using statistics, we can overcome these situations and generate actionable analysis…
How to Do SEO in 2013
The important thing for businesses to understand is that they need apply a degree of […]

Search and Social Weekly (1.7)

This last week was a great one for lists and killer content so let’s get right to it. Enjoy!
Are You a Crappy Fan Page Admin?
Most Fan Page owners like to think they run their page better than the rest. Well let me tell you something… After spending most of the past 3 years online, I’ve seen more […]

Search and Social Weekly (1.6)

This week we have an in depth look at Facebook Groups, a massive list of content marketing resources, a huge list of Facebook lists, some great newsjacks of the Super Bowl power outage, a framework for search and social, and several more great articles.
How to Drive More YouTube Views With Pinterest
Do you want more people to watch […]

Search and Social Weekly (1.5)

This week we have some great articles covering the worlds of search and social and we also have a great ebook download about social business from SpreadFast. I also have implemented slightly new format to the setup as well and I’m now linking out to the Twitter accounts of the author and including the first […]

Search and Social Weekly (1.4)

This is a short week for links, I just didn’t find that many “must reads” as I was going through my feeds and RSS to include in this roundup.
The Difference between Strategy and Tactics
Because sometimes it’s good to get a refresher.
How To Cite A Tweet In An Academic Paper
This is a sign of something big, […]

Search and Social Weekly (1.3)

Facebook reveals how its new Graph Search feature works with your privacy settings
The new Graph Search feature is a rather major change to the way Facebook does search. Get the skinny on what it is and how it works. As a follow-up, see how businesses can optimize their pages for the new graph Search in […]

Search and Social Weekly (1.2)

This week we have some great articles on optimization, how to take the mystery out of social media, and, everyone’s favorite, a “best time to post” post.
On-Page Optimization Methods Still Valid in 2013
After a whirlwind year of Google updates this quick overview of what optimization methods are still valid as of now is a great […]

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