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Horizon Media Partners With BuzzFeed and Its Social Storytelling Program

Horizon Media BuzzFeed Announcement

This might not be the most exciting announcement for everyone but since it’s a major announcement involving my department at Horizon Media (I’m a Social Media Strategy Supervisor there) I wanted to share it.

Basically the announcement is that we are the first media agency to join BuzzFeed’s social storytelling program. The Horizon Media Social Media Strategy department has been working with BuzzFeed for a while already.Maybe this is a presumptuous, but I would like to think that some of the stellar campaigns I’ve created with them, on behalf of my clients, has played at least some small role in helping make this happen. All I’m saying is that this all came together after I joined the company (coincidence?).

All jokes aside, this is a big announcement and one I’m quite proud of and excited about. If you have a second check it out.

Horizon Partners With BuzzFeed to Focus on Native Advertising Through Its Social Storytelling Program


This Blog Is No More… For Now

I’ll keep this short and sweet. I won’t be blogging here much, if at all, any more. The existing posts will stay here, but all content moving forward will be found at the Social Media Launchpad.

Truth Hype and Value

To read the full post please visit Social Media Launchpad: Look Past The Hype For Truth, Value, And Reliable Information

Building A Content Calendar In 4 Quick Steps

To read the full article visit SML: HOW TO Build A Content Calendar In 4 Quick Steps

Social Media vs Online Media

If you’re not actively participating it’s not social media, it’s just online media.

The definition of a Tweet

What is a Tweet? Well if you don’t know, check out that link to find out.

Easily Get And Share The Latest In Social Media News

You read that title right. Over on Social Media Launchpad (the best place to start in social media) I have setup an interactive social media news page. Find, share, and even submit your own social media news right on the page.

Fantastic Social Media Podcasts

Sometimes we get busy, especially when just starting out in social media. So busy we don’t have time to read, but we always have time to listen. In the car, walking the dog, doing the dishes, cleaning the bathroom, running errands, etc. There are hours of time each day we can use to increase our […]

The Best Books On Social Media

When you’re getting started in social media it’s helpful to hear it from the pros and the pros write books. There are a ton of social media books out there , but they aren’t all good or useful. Over on Social Media Launchpad I’ve compiled a list of the best social media books I’ve read.

The Big List Of Useful Social Media Blogs

I’ve been working my digital fingers to the bone to launch a new social media site that I want to be the best place to start in social media. There are many features that are still being built, but check out the list of great social media blogs that is up right now.

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