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Keep Up With Facebook

Keep Up With Facebook

Of all the recent changes to Facebook this one is my favorite. I know it’s a bit of “old news” but the Keep-up-with box makes me happy. To me it’s one of the best things Facebook has given back to brands after taking so much away. Between Edgerank changes and increasingly stringent guidelines for pages it’s great to see them giving something back to the brands to help them grow their presence.

Maybe it’s because they want users to find more pages and content and stay engaged so they can serve up more ads. Maybe it’s to engender some good will with brands who have been feeling a bit slighted with all the changes. I don’t know what their true motivations are, but what I do know is that I hope this is a sign of more good (and free) things to come for brands on Facebook.

What do you think about this feature?

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Josh S Peters

New Facebook Post Targeting Not Matching Facebook Insights. Algo oversight or FB Fail?

Earlier today I discovered that Facebook’s Targeted Posts numbers don’t match Facebook Insights numbers. They are actually quite a bit different when you look at the two of them side by side.

For a full breakdown of the disparity between the targeted post #’s and the insights numbers check out my post from earlier today on […]

HOW TO: Optimize the OG:Description Tag for Search and Social

The first question that comes up about the OG:Description tag is “What is OG:?” In this case it does not mean Original Gangster. OG stands for Open Graph which is a tagging protocol (OGP) that is quickly spreading and being adopted across the web as a new standard (you can learn all about OGP at the Open […]

Pandora and Facebook make beautiful music together

Yesterday I was stunned when I went to Pandora‘s site and the music of Blaqk Audio started playing before I even signed in. I double checked Foobar to make sure it wasn’t playing, checked other tabs to see where the music was playing from and then I noticed the little bar pictured to the right.
How […]

Mashable guest post: 30+ FaceBook Apps for Doing Business on FaceBook

I wrote a guest post for Mashable titled 30+ FaceBook apps for professionals. As more people flock to FaceBook business and business professionals will too.Show me the rest!

FaceBook apps need a better method

Social Media Consultant Josh “Shua” Peters from Salt Lake City Utah writes about FaceBook games, apps, and friend overload. Come join the conversation.Show me the rest!

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