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The 60 Minute Social Media Audit

I have a guest post up on Mashable, about running a 60 minute social media audit every quarter to make sure your social is “up-to-snuff”.
The audit is in no way complete, nor is it a full business audit where you look at metrics, conversions, goals, KPIs, or ROI. It’s a tactical and maintenance audit that […]

HOW TO: Optimize the OG:Description Tag for Search and Social

The first question that comes up about the OG:Description tag is “What is OG:?” In this case it does not mean Original Gangster. OG stands for Open Graph which is a tagging protocol (OGP) that is quickly spreading and being adopted across the web as a new standard (you can learn all about OGP at the Open […]

TwittFaced is now available on Kindle, Nook, and iBook!

TwittFaced is now available on Kindle, Nook, and iBook! For all you lovers of digital media, Twittfaced can now be read on almost any smart phone or ebook/digital book reading device. To get your digital copy of  Twittfaced just click on one of the links below.
iBooks (search for it in the app / iTunes bookstore)
For […]

No Bullshit Social Media Review

Here is the no bullshit review of No Bullshit Social Media… Buy This Book (aff).
It’s that good. Stop reading and go get it. Still wondering why you should buy this particular book on social media? Well, for starters Jason Falls and Erik Deckers pull no punches in this social media business book and quickly get you into the right […]

Book Review And Giveaway: The Real Truth About Social Media

The real truth that “cuts through the bull shiitake of social media…” huh? We’ll see about that.
When I first heard about this book I thought “oh great… another.” Though after a quick read I changed my tone.
The Real Truth About Social Media is packed with unique insights and real world perspectives it’s an invaluable addition to any […]

Walkthrough and Guide for YouTube’s New Analytics

Recently YouTube has released a new analytics platform that is both good looking and incredibly insightful (how awesome is that?). This update follows after all the updates Facebook has been doing to the insights platform as of late.
Embedded below you can see a screenshot walkthrough of the New YouTube Analytics and on The Search Agents […]

Holiday Spending and Online Shopping Bigger Than Ever Despite Economy

Despite the state of our economy this holiday season has already been the biggest ever, especially in the online marketplace. Take a quick look at the stats from the embedded report compilation below which covers Thanksgiving day, the ensuing Black Friday, and the following Cyber Monday.
Thanksgiving to cyber monday spending and online activity
View more […]

How many Google Plus pages can a Google Plus profile have?

How many Google Plus pages can one Google Plus profile / account have? After spending some time setting up pages for clients we discovered the answer at this current time is 20.
Those same pages can also only have 1 admin at a time. Compare that with Facebook’s unlimited admins and unlimited pages and I’m left with a couple of […]

5 tools that make life easier

Productivity is like a drug. There’s something deeply satisfying about looking at a to-do list and seeing a bunch of checks in boxes. It’s like legal work place approved crack.
Like any good addict I do what I can to get my fix as often as possible and use what ever tools I can to get […]

50% off Business Tooligans interview series

I’m taking part in a Social Media Manager interview series with Jason Falls, David Meerman Scott, Trey Pennington, Aaron Strout, and 19 others. It’s a premium series filled with insights, tips, tricks, and more for Social Media Managers. The series starts today and costs $97 to get the full run plus a subscription to the SMMGR newsletter and the […]

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