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The CS guide to avoiding Twitter (and any) Phishing Scams

When it comes to avoiding Twitter phishing scams (or any for that matter) there are 3 “Common Sense” things you can do to avoid getting swindled.
1. If you don’t know them, don’t click it. It’s really that easy, if you don’t know the person, or haven’t been in a social situation with them before then […]

Twitter filters would increase conversational value and lower costs

There is a problem on Twitter and that problem is free speech. People are allowed to say what ever they want, when ever they want, and this costs Twitter money. Money that isn’t being well spent if people are getting no value from it and it’s causing unnecessary calls to their API and use of […]

The ZizZazz incident

ZizZazz is a maker of powdered energy supplements that come in a little pouch and you then add them to water or other beverages and help give it a bit more of an energy kick.  So what does this have to do Social Media, Internet Marketing and Online Life? Everything.
I haven’t talked about my use […]

Changing your Twitter Username: A quick guide to keep you in the conversation

Recently I changed my Twitter name from RoyalAntsJosh to JoshSPeters for personal branding reasons. The name allows for more flexibility when working on future projects and helps with the personal branding thing.
Sometime along your social media journies you might decide to rebrand yourself or figure out a name that will work better for you, and […]

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