Checkout the Social Media Informer

That guy right there has been added to The Social Media Informer. Not sure what that is? Well click on the link 2 sentences back and take a look for yourself… or keep reading.

Much like similar aggregation sites (Alltop, Social Media Today, etc.) Social Media Informer has been created to help bring out the best social media information out there. The site is actually a spin off of Browse My Stuff which is a giant aggregation engine, or as the founder Tony Karrer puts it “It’s an aggregator based on social curation that allows us to quickly stand up vertical publications.”

Both sites are filled with great information and from what I can tell and have gleaned from a conversation with Tony they are going to keep expanding from one verticle to the next. As online information keeps growing and becoming more and more prevalent I think we’re going to be seeing more and more services like these to help sort and organize what’s out there.

What do you think? Do you like aggregation services like these? Do you know of any others out there? Do you have some favorites? Tell me your thoughts in the comments below.

Thanks for reading,
Josh “Shua” Peters

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