Feb social media training referral program

On February 25th & 26th I’m doing a social media 101 workshop. The class only has 10 seats available, and I really want to sell out each seat, so here’s the deal. I will pay you (my local SLC network) to help me fill these classes.

If you refer one person who signs up I’ll give you a  signed copy of TwittFaced.

If you refer two people who sign up I’ll buy your way into the Chris Brogan / Mitch Joel event that will be happening here in SLC later this year.

If you refer three people who sign up I’ll give you a free pass to any one of my other training events (including the ones coming up in Feb).

So how does that sound to you?  Sound like something you want to help me out with?

Thanks for reading,
Josh ” Shua” Peters

p.s. If you’re not from SLC I’m sorry, but I’m working on doing more trainings in different states later in the year.

p.p.s The one on Feb 12th is getting moved for a good reason.

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