Forward thinking and a few updates

I want you to think about moving forward. Not just in a physical direction, for most of you that would mean you would just ram into your desk and that would serve no purpose. I’m talking about moving forward in life, actions, and thoughts.

Why look at the same old tool and just think hammer? Why keep thinking that something has to be done because that’s the it’s been done for years? Why use something only for it’s intended purpose (power tools excluded)? Why not start delving into new areas of imagination and excitement?

There will be a new Guerrilla Social Media Marketing post up soon, it’s been shipped off to the host and I’ll be sure to post the linking article when it goes up. It’s about WOM. WOM takes creativity and the ability to make something interesting enough that people want to tell a story or useful / wonderful enough that people want to tell other people about it.

Next week I’ll be (finally) putting up a review about the GTD Agenda. Next week I’m also starting school again to get my Masters cert in Internet Marketing so posts may drop down to 2x a week instead of 3x a week as more of my time will be disappearing. Though I will try my best to keep up the usual 3x a week, but I will always get out the GSMM project posts, and I have an announcement that I think is pretty cool next week as well.

This is just a quick update to those of you who stop by the blog, subscribe to my feed, or get it sent to their inbox. Thank you all. I appreciate the time you take to read my blogs and comment on the posts. I enjoy interacting with you and hearing your thoughts and concerns.

Hopefully tomorrow we will have a guest post going up on a truly awesome host blog, and we can talk about it and discuss it then.

Thank you for reading,
Josh “Shua” Peters


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