Generic Experiences Produce Generic Responses

Generic experiences generic responses

Generic is forgettable

When was the last time you read or looked at something and said “Gee, that’s really average. I think I’ll share it.”.

Or how about the last time you saw a product and thought “This is so generic I must have it.”. Unless you’re a hipster, this probably hasn’t happened recently if ever in your life. Even when you’re bargain shopping and buying generic brands you’re not excited about it, it’s just something you do. You go through the motions.

Now think about the last time something excited you, amazed you, or wowed you. I can think of several things just this week that had that effect. The emotional memory stays with you. Participating or interacting in these experiences isn’t just something you sleep walk through. They leave an impression.

Let’s take a look at two examples to drive this point home.

2 videos, both selling razors to men.

Adrien Brody for Gillette

Crazy guy for Dollar Shave Club


Which one is more memorable? Which one haven’t you seen a 1,000 times before? Which one do you think you’re likely to share with your friends and family?

Thanks for reading,
Josh S Peters

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