Guerrilla Social Media Marketing Resource

This page will serve as a resource for this project. It will contain all the links, source material, and some extra goodies as I find them. Please bookmark this page to keep up to date on all of the events Share/Save/Bookmark, or subscribe to my feed via RSS or Email to receive the latest updates.

Here’s the collection of articles as it stands right now. Below the articles you’ll find the examples people left in the comments of those article. Here’s your chance to promote yourself and your brand (personal or business) all you have to do is participate.

Intro: Guerrilla Social Media Marketing

1. Features and Benefits list – Hosted by Jacob Morgan

2. Guest posts and articles – Hosted by Mark Goren

3. Word of Mouth – Hosted by Chris Brogan

4. Polls and Surveys – Hosted by Peter Korchnak

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