Guerrilla Social Media Marketing: Features and Benefits List

The first post in the series has kicked off with a guest post on fellow social media consultant Jacob Morgan’s blog and it’s about the tactic of using a benefits list.

Benefits lists are a great way to show off what you offer. It gets even better when you have your customers get involved and start creating your list for you. Then you add a dash of social media and it really takes flight because not only are your customers seeing your benefits list but your customers friends are seeing it too! This creates a system of passive recommendation and builds out your benefits list that can then be used in other marketing areas. Not to mention that as people contribute you can figure out what else they are into and determine other companies to create cross promotional campaigns with!

Thank you Jacob for hosting the first Guerrilla Social Media Marketing post! If you’re still reading at this point stop reading and start clicking! Guerrilla Social Media Marketing: Features and Benefits List

Thank you for reading, and following this project
Josh Peters

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  • Adrian Eden

    People should be able to tell what you offer the second they reach your website.

    I doubt many people will take the time to read a long list of features, time is to valuable nowadays, make a video and tell them why they should care about you. Thats what I did and do. They might not be great at this point, but im working towards it.

    All the best in 2009!

    • Josh Peters

      You're absolutely right that people should be able to tell what you're about right upon landing. They should see what you offer and after your initial pitch, description, etc that's where you would put a link to your Features and Benefits list. Don't shove it down their throat, lead them to it.

      It's most effective when it's not filled with just your perceived features and benefits, but what your customers also see. Or an interactive part of your social media profile. Customers will always come up with a benefit that you haven't even thought of.

      The benefits and features list is a great resource to promote your company through many different channels. Once you have these testimonials (which is exactly what they are when they come from customers) you can use them in any of your other online and offline marketing efforts. When using offline marketing it can also be used as a hook to tie back to your online presence.

      This method creates a great pool of feedback, testimonials, and information that can later be put to other uses. You don't want this to be splashed all over your front page, you want it to be placed where people would look for more information (like at the end of your initial pitch with a link that says More Info).

      As you know many consumers give you a cursory glance and if you're what they want they'll buy, if not they'll leave. This list is for the ones who are undecided, or not 100% sure about you being better than your competitor, or just simply want to hear it from someone else.

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