Horizon Media Partners With BuzzFeed and Its Social Storytelling Program

Horizon Media BuzzFeed Announcement

This might not be the most exciting announcement for everyone but since it’s a major announcement involving my department at Horizon Media (I’m a Social Media Strategy Supervisor there) I wanted to share it.

Basically the announcement is that we are the first media agency to join BuzzFeed’s social storytelling program. The Horizon Media Social Media Strategy department has been working with BuzzFeed for a while already.Maybe this is a presumptuous, but I would like to think that some of the stellar campaigns I’ve created with them, on behalf of my clients, has played at least some small role in helping make this happen. All I’m saying is that this all came together after I joined the company (coincidence?).

All jokes aside, this is a big announcement and one I’m quite proud of and excited about. If you have a second check it out.

Horizon Partners With BuzzFeed to Focus on Native Advertising Through Its Social Storytelling Program


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