How many Google Plus pages can a Google Plus profile have?

Google Plus Page Limit Reached

Google Plus Page Limit Reached


How many Google Plus pages can one Google Plus profile / account have? After spending some time setting up pages for clients we discovered the answer at this current time is 20.

Google Plus Page Limit

Google Plus Page Limit

Those same pages can also only have 1 admin at a time. Compare that with Facebook’s unlimited admins and unlimited pages and I’m left with a couple of questions.

1. How is this limiting going to affect agencies who work with and post directly to their clients profiles when running campaigns?

2. Will this stunt Google Plus’s growth at all?

3. Why so many limitations when the competition makes it easier for everyone by not limiting?

Right now I’m not an avid Google Plus user. I have a Google Plus Profile, but it’s not something I’ve invested massive amounts of time in… yet. I see it’s appeal, I understand the benefits, and I love the way it works. What I don’t love right now is how limited it is in regards to functionality and how it’s not playing well with 3rd party apps (like TweetDeck) yet.

Google has a wealth of information and innovation at it’s finger tips. It has lessons learned early on with Twitter and Facebook it could be drawing from, but it seems to have decided to ignore the triumphs and follies of the other networks and just started down a well worn path, destined to make some of the usability mistakes that all networks before it.

Right now Google Plus feels like it sits between LinkedIn and Facebook for it’s content and functionality. I have no doubt that Google Plus is going to become a major network and that I’m going to find it’s personal appeal soon. I have no doubt that it’s going to be powerful and have serious ramifications on SEO. I also have no doubt that we’re going to see massive innovation and adoption once 3rd party development catches on.

I believe Google Plus has a bright future ahead of it. However, until they get some things figured out it seems like the real answer to the question “How many Google Plus pages can a Google Plus profile have?” is simply not enough.

Thanks for reading. As always, I welcome your opinions and feedback in the comments below.
Josh S Peters

  • igobydoc

    Interesting to know if yet another limitation of Google+ pages Josh. This product from Google just seems rushed to me. With the limitations that you have mentioned, how many brands will create a profile and stick with it?

    I like the idea behind G+, but I agree with you that they need to get some things figured out first!


    • Anonymous

      Thanks for the comment Doc. I agree with you that it seems rushed. It feels unfinished both in design and execution. However, I still really like the concept.

  • Poller Mike

    ok, so Josh S. or Mike P. can admin up to 20 pages on one Google profile, correct?

    • Anonymous

      Correct. One person can admin up to 20 pages and those 20 pages can only have 1 admin. There is no way to share admin duties or abilities yet.

  • jamie

    You can now create 50 pages to 1 goole profile, though i still feel this is limiting!

    • Anonymous

      I saw that they upgraded that recently. They are also now allowing up to 50 admins (managers) to each page as well. The 50 managers limit should never be a problem, but the 50 pages per account could still be a stumbling block for agencies.

  • kaushal


    How many pages i can create for single profile?

    Creating multiple page is there any problem?

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