Making time for someday

Making Time For Someday

Just schedule it

Ever notice how all of those projects you want to get to “someday” just keep piling up? I have a To-Do list on Astrid that has 50+ entries tagged “someday” and until recently that list just kept growing.

Last week I started scheduling “someday” time. Just an hour or two chunks at a time, typically during the evening, or on the weekend and to ensure I get them done I remove myself from home-based distractions and go to a coffee shop until the project is done. Of course this only works if your “someday” projects are on the computer (which 99% of mine are). I don’t know how happy the coffee shop employees and patrons would be if you set up your table saw and started making new cabinet doors. However, actively putting aside the time still works for cabinets.

The key is making the time for someday. It’s actively finding that someday time in your busy life and doing things you actually want to do. I can only speak for myself, but when I get those things done, I feel fantastic. A true sense of accomplishment fills me and dammit, I feel great when it’s done. It’s completely worth overcoming the momentary bliss of apathy and procrastination.

I’m challenging you, today, to start making time for someday. You can thank me while you’re basking in the feeling of getting something done you actually want to do.

Thanks for reading,
Josh S Peters

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