Microblogging your way to better productivity

Microblogging can be a very important communications tool, but it can also be a gigantic waste of your time and viewed as worthless. I was one of those people when Twitter first emerged, and I thought it was the dumbest thing that had ever happened, that was until I “got it”.

The value of microblogging (like any form of social media) is in how you use it and the value you create with it. Microblogging comes in many flavors and each one has featers that make it unique. If you are looking for something that gives you the ability to create rooms go look at Utterli. If you are more into video check out Twitter.

Communicating in this manner is great for friends and it’s a nice and easy way to share links and other media with anyone who is “following” you. But how can it be used for business? You can promote your blog, do customer service, or even use it to get information on a certain subject. That’s just the beginning.

There are a ton of microblogging services that are popping up to fill the niche of enterprise level microblogging, for a list of possible candidates you can see my list of both enterprise and consumer services here and Jeremiah Owyang’s list of strictly enterprise services here. Here are 5 ways implementing a microblogging platform can help your companies productivity.

Communication – Need to get a message out to your whole group all at once? If you’re whole office is on a service like this you can broadcast out a message and instantly have dialogue with the people in your company.

Sharing – The nature of this microbeast allows you to quickly share information with a whole group of people, and discuss what you’re sharing. This is great for research teams or people collaborating on a project.

Collaboration – Depending on which type of implementation you go with you can keep everyone connected, including remote agents. Most services just require an internet connection and then you your agents in Japan, Turkey, Europe, Canada, and the US can all communicate, collaborate, and share information at the same time.

Problem Solving – Run into a snag on your latest project? Using one of these services you can instantly have the whole company working on the same page to help bring about a creative solution quicker.

Accountability – Most services keep records of the conversations for later review or to keep track of how a certain thought, solution, or product evolved.

Email is static, it’s slow, and if multiple people reply all at once it can get confusing really quickly. Microblogging is dynamic and keeps everyone on the same page (literally and figuratively). As the needs for communication change within a business utilities like these will get more and more prevalent, and there will be a need to consolidate some platforms, luckily there are some enterprising individuals out there already making great strides in consolidating many services under one roof. I’ve tried several different ones but my favorite by far has been Twhirl. This wonderful piece of software makes it possible for you to use an enterprise implementation of Laconi.ca along with your other microblogging favorites like Seesmic, Identi.ca, Twitter, and FriendFeed.

Microblogging can add productivity to business, and tools like Twhirl can add productivity to microblogging. With a setup like that why wouldn’t you want to implement a tool like this?

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