My First Week At The Search Agency pt2

The Search Agency Snacks

Snack Pantry #1 at TSA

I didn’t post this yesterday because I decided I wanted to do it as a recap instead.

Day 2 at an agency has brought with it some realizations about the difference in working styles, work load, and more.

1. The work style in an agency larger than my old basement office is a LOT faster. There is a lot more people asking for things and about things. The constant flow of people and emails is something I need to adjust to FAST.

2. The word load is much much more. I’m used to working with 1, maybe 2 clients at a time. At the most I have 3. Here I have 7 that I’m working with right now (I wish I could clone myself). That’s an enormous adjustment and one I’m working at everyday.

3. My pantry isn’t nearly as well stocked as theirs (and these pics are while it’s “low”). Apparently internet marketing is very hungry work and the TSA crew enjoys a range of snacks and beverages.

4. Email is a lot more overwhelming when it’s in a large agency environment. I can now fully understand why people complain about “getting nothing done but email” in a day. It’s a rough thing.

5. It’s quite nice having people to talk to. I love my dogs, but when they’re the only interaction you get for huge stretches of time, you start to go insane. Not BTK “my dog told me to” insane, but a little batty nonetheless.

The Search Agency Snacks 2

Snack Pantry #2 at TSA

6. I’ve also learned that due to the internet I feel like nonetheless should be spelled NoneTheLess.

So far I’m absolutely loving my new home at The Search Agency and I think I’m going to continue to like it more and more as I get settled in.

Do you have any tips you’d like to share for settling into a new job?

Thanks for reading,
Josh “Shua” Peters



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