No Bullshit Social Media Review

No Bullshit Social Media ReviewHere is the no bullshit review of No Bullshit Social Media… Buy This Book (aff).

It’s that good. Stop reading and go get it. Still wondering why you should buy this particular book on social media? Well, for starters Jason Falls and Erik Deckers pull no punches in this social media business book and quickly get you into the right mindset for their book by breaking down the difference between social media hippies and social media marketers.

“Joining the conversation and engaging with your customers, providing value to earn trust and influence, and other gospels they preach are critical to companies understanding the ethos of social media. But the purists only take us halfway there. A company requires a back end to the ethos that has something to do with driving business.’

After a chapter of house cleaning and getting your mind right Falls and Decker take you down the rabbit hole of social media marketing. Feeling a bit and like Alice in Wonderland at first you feel a little disoriented because this isn’t your typical business book and they start narrowing down what social media marketing is for an what it’s about. That’s when they give you a cakey little nugget of knowledge and suddenly the world grows and once again the possibilities are endless, but this time they are clearer.

One of my favorite things about this book is that when Falls and Deckers say this is no bullshit they back it up over and over. They provide solid business cases and experiences to back up what they are saying. They outline real metrics that you can start implementing right after you read them to help determine the  success of your social media program (fiscal and otherwise).

The entire book is worth reading, but for those of you who really want the meat of the book read pages 71-191. That 120 pages covers, with a good amount of depth, how social media marketing works and why it works. If you’re feeling skeptical about social media marketing or you tried and failed because you threw your pearls before bulls, this chapter will help you fish them out of the bullshit and get you back on your feet.

Read it today. You won’t be sorry.

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Josh S Peters

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  • ComputerWorld

    So this means the book has the differences between social media hippies and social media marketers. Isn’t it? I want a book that can guide me through social media marketing. Where can I get one?

  • Dawson_Rita

    I can say that this book – No bullshit Social Media itself is very good and has the best points that everybody needs to know. My friend had already got the book and I found the book to be very interesting. So I have also planned to get one. the post that you have written also is very interesting that makes me read it again and again. Thanks for such awesome post.

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