NutShellMail, a stumble followed by a sprint to success


When I first signed up with NutShellMail I couldn’t get my professional gmail accounts to work in them (like my account) or any gmail accounts to work for that matter. I poked and prodded and removed and re-added accounts but nothing happened. MySpace, LinkedIn, and FaceBook worked just fine but I was a little put off by this. I thought to myself “what kind of crap is this?” So I contacted their support about it and I met a very nice guy name Mark.

To me Mark has been the voice of NutShellMail, he’s kept me in the loop and every time I have had a question or reported a bug Mark responded back rather quickly and the team had a fix within just a day or two and I’m happy to report it’s all working great now.

In fact I love NutShellMail. I’m just going to go ahead and put it out there. They have a great system and a great way of handling various email accounts. Personally I have 4 different gmail accounts as well as MySpace and FaceBook accounts that I get messages through.  To go and look at each one individually amounted to a great big softball sized hemorrhoid of a pain in the butt and a
major time suck to check it all. Then NutShellMail showed up in my life and made it all much more simple.

I can now get all my messages sent directly to my inbox in one nicely formatted email update from NutShellMail. It makes scanning all of my inboxes as easy as checking just one email account and I don’t have to waste time logging in and logging out and checking what’s going on here and there and
everywhere in between.

Mark and the rest of the team over at NutShellMail have been not only incredibly professional and quick to respond to questions and problems but they have also been very personable and I’ve had a good time talking to them and working with bugs and etc. But besides the great staff what makes
NutShellMail such a great email aggregator?

Features and benefits:

  • After signing up with your main email address (work address for
    most of us) you can set your update schedule and get up to 5 emails a
    day that show you what’s new in each inbox.
  • Each email has a quick and easy way to access that account
    directly or for anyone who is behind a corporate firewall you can use
    the boomerang feature to get the email.
  • Boomerang feature sends any email that is in one of your
    NutShellMail managed accounts to the inbox of your most used email
    account. This complies with most office policies because the message
    comes in through your companies firewall and allows it to be properly
  • Website has an easy to use interface and allows you to see all of your accounts.
  • Has the ability to save some time by keeping you from logging in
    to accounts with no mail and then more than likely getting side tracked
    on a social network.
  • Helps keep inbox clutter to a minimum by being able to turn off
    all social network notifications (only MySpace, FaceBook, and LinkedIn
    currently) and use one portal to view them all.

Things I’d like to see:

  • Apps for the iPhone and Android (I
    want NutShellMail on my G1!).
  • Add more social networks like Hi5
    and Friendster.
  • A specialized alert system that could send alerts right away if a message is received from a certain person / email address.

It’s a great new service and I can see it’s potential for growth. The team is great and they seem to be very engaged with their customers and those who talk about them. After I put up the initial “I’m gonna blog about you” post they followed me on Twitter, commented on the post and started a dialogue with me almost immediately. Good job guys, I’m impressed.

What do you think? Go try it out and let me know, I’d love
to hear what other people have to say about it.

Josh “Shua” Peters

P.S. I was going to write up a detailed walkthrough but they have a great video on the NutShellMail homepage that demonstrates it quite quickly.
I’d recommend a quick view.

  • Mark

    Thank you for the great write up and feedback on NutshellMail. We have worked really hard to bring the service to market and we really appreciate your recognition.

    We have big plans to expand the NutshellMail platform to include additional social networking accounts and other personal info, such as weather, stock quotes, news stories, etc. We are also working on mobile applications, browser and email client plugins, and an enhanced service for parents who want to monitor their young children’s messaging accounts.

    Your suggestion to add specialized alerts for specific senders is fantastic and is now on our feature backlog. Thank you for your feedback and support!

  • Josh Peters

    That sounds awesome, I’m glad to hear it and I can’t wait to see the new features as they roll out.

  • Joshua Tabin

    Nice to see another Shua out there…Nutshell is a really interesting idea and the guys have been very successful in promoting it. Thanks for the post and keep up with the Shua-isms!!!

  • Josh Peters

    Thank you!

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