The Convergence of Search and Social Part 6 – Content

When it comes to the convergence of search and social your content needs to follow 2 basic rules. To be in the right place and makes sense to the user. If you can answer affirmatively to both those you’re already going to be a league or two above most of your competition.
At the moment search and social […]

The Convergence of Search and Social Part 5 – Paid Media’s Place

So far in the convergence of search and social we have talked about Social Media / SMO, Search / SEO and ZMOT. We start off this week by turning our eye towards paid media, which as a very valuable position as it straddles all of the aspects already discussed. But before we dive into how paid is connecting […]

Search and Social Weekly (1.3)

Facebook reveals how its new Graph Search feature works with your privacy settings
The new Graph Search feature is a rather major change to the way Facebook does search. Get the skinny on what it is and how it works. As a follow-up, see how businesses can optimize their pages for the new graph Search in […]

The Convergence of Search and Social Part 4 – ZMOT

Some consider ZMOT the full convergence of search and social, but I feel like it’s just part of it. It defines the new set of actions that are taking place when consumers buy a product. ZMOT is where people search the web for that accessible, quality content you and others have created and then use […]

The Convergence of Search and Social Part 3 – SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has been around as long as search engines. Over the years it has changed dramatically and now we have social media activity influencing search results in all of the major search engines. While SEO is still definitely about creating the least imperfect site it’s become more and more about the type and […]

Search and Social Weekly (1.2)

This week we have some great articles on optimization, how to take the mystery out of social media, and, everyone’s favorite, a “best time to post” post.
On-Page Optimization Methods Still Valid in 2013
After a whirlwind year of Google updates this quick overview of what optimization methods are still valid as of now is a great […]

The Convergence of Search and Social Part 2 – Social Media

Social media can be the perfect catalyst for telling your brand’s story and activating new customers or it can be a huge waste of time, money and resources if it’s mismanaged. Taking a look at the pyramid above we can see what social media is the best at and what should be the base for […]

The Convergence of Search and Social – Part 1

Simply stated the convergence of search and social is where search, social, and consumer behavior collide. Its the intersection of SEO, social media (SMO), and ZMOT with the last one often getting left out of the equation, but something that really needs to be paid attention to. Where do your customer go and what are […]

The Search and Social Weekly (1.1)

It’s a new year and a new start for the blog. I’ve been considering a lot of options for the direction of the blog and where I want to take it, do with it, accomplish with it, etc. One of the new features (and an encouragement to get at least 1 post per week done) […]

New Facebook Post Targeting Not Matching Facebook Insights. Algo oversight or FB Fail?

Earlier today I discovered that Facebook’s Targeted Posts numbers don’t match Facebook Insights numbers. They are actually quite a bit different when you look at the two of them side by side.

For a full breakdown of the disparity between the targeted post #’s and the insights numbers check out my post from earlier today on […]

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