Pandora and Facebook make beautiful music together

Pandora FacebookYesterday I was stunned when I went to Pandora‘s site and the music of Blaqk Audio started playing before I even signed in. I double checked Foobar to make sure it wasn’t playing, checked other tabs to see where the music was playing from and then I noticed the little bar pictured to the right.

How great is that? Pandora has integrated with Facebook and could tell what I would like to hear based on my Facebook profile (which I was signed into at the time).  I don’t know when they did this but it’s genius, and I have to wonder why other sites aren’t doing the same.

Could Amazon increase their sales even more if when you went to their site they had a “based on your Facebook profile we recommend” section? What if IMDB presented you with a previews of movies you do / might like based on your Facebook profile.

What about brick and mortar stores with an online presence? BevMo could have a “playlist” of beverages ready for you to select from. Target could build a suggested shopping list. The possibilities are virtually endless.

Sign in to Facebook and head over to Pandora and let me know how it worked for you, and while you’re at it can you think of other places where this kind of technology would be helpful?

Thanks for reading,
Josh “Shua” Peters

  • Arshya Lakshman

    Wouldn’t it be awesome if this technology was integrated into Yelp’s augmented reality feature? So when I walk down the street, locations and spots that I would like (based on my FB profile) just pop up?

    • Josh Peters

      That would be phenomenal! It could also use your previous likes and dislikes in Yelp to narrow it down some and create a better targeted list. Wonderful idea!

      • Arshya Lakshman

        Thanks. Lets sell this idea to Yelp 😉

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