Productivity of Schools Supplies

It’s been about… 6 years since I was in school and I have to say that school supplies have come a long way. They are damn near breath taking with all of their colors and pockets and sound effects. Recently I went to my local Smith’s Marketplace and while on my search for a can opener I came across a 5 subject notebook and I was immediately taken aback. When I was a young whipper snapped we only had the 2 subject, maybe 3 subject notebook if you were lucky and it never had heavy duty pockets like this majestic example of modern ingenuity. This little beauty has increased my productivity by 10 fold easily!

  • Subject 1 Goes to all the content I am working on for an upcoming project.
  • Subject 2 This section is dedicated to blog post Ideas and the musings I have regarding them.
  • Subject 3 Here one could find my outlines for social media media walkthroughs and strategy tips (coming soon to this here blog).
  • Subject 4 SMP is what’s written on this tab, and it’s where I keep all the ideas, plans, and moments of unexpected brainstorming regarding Social Media Plans I am working on for various companies.
  • Subject 5 Miscellaneous. I like to write short stories with tragic endings and since I am an avid consumer of comic books I often write ideas about my own comic in there and anything else that just hits me.


This has helped me keep myself more organized, gives me access to what I had in various other notebooks nicely consolidated in one massive tome, and it’s what works for me. Since I am never without my Urban Defiance shoulder bag (a failed business venture of mine), and don’t have my HTC Dream yet ( I am so excited for it I might wet myself just thinking about it) this is how I currently roll. I’ve always been a fan of handwirting ideas, and while his may not wokr for most of you this is how I have made my life a little simpler, a little more organized, and increased my creativity (I never know when a train of thought will be derailed and I need to switch topics, having it all right there is a boon!). Enough about me, what are your favorite productivity increasing tools?

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