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Last Wednesday I discovered Scribnia. It’s an interesting service that, per it’s about page, “is the source for people’s opinions about bloggers, columnists, reporters, and other writers whose work is available online”. Sounds pretty good ‘eh?

I’ve added myself to it and if you scroll down you should see a widget on the right of my blog where you can rate and review me and my blog (I really like the number 10 btw).  The sign up was quick and if you’re a blogger I would highly recommend you do it.

After signing up you have the option to add yourself and your blog if you’re not already in the database. This gives you the chance to define your blog and yourself before someone else does it for you. Which is key for your ORM.

Since this is a relatively new site I’m not sure about how it’s going to end up playing into the overall scheme of things. It looks like a good competitor to Technorati who seems to have fallen in popularity over the last few years. However, it also has some popularity hurdles to overcome before it’s a major competitor.

I like the ability to rate the blogger and not just the blog. This is the area where I can see this becoming a huge resource in the very near future. Especially with quality content creation becoming more of a concern.

It could be used to easily find top bloggers in a specific category, people to guest blog for you / for, find more blogs related to yours, or discover some new communities to engage with. The possibilities are quite vast for a service like this once it gets filled out and used on a regular basis by it’s members.

What do you think about it? Any other uses that you can think of for it or sites like it? Let me know your thoughts.

Thanks for reading,
Josh “Shua” Peters

  • http://www.scribnia.com/author/show/473/david-spinks/ David Spinks

    Hey Josh,

    Thanks so much for sharing the site. We have a lot in the works now with Scribnia as we're constantly reiterating and improving.

    Your feedback is much appreciated and I'm happy to hear you're finding it useful.

    David, General Manager

    • http://www.shuaism.com Josh Peters

      You're welcome David, I'm looking forward to using it and watching it evolve. I think you have a good shot at overtaking Technorati in usefulness and relevancy.

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