Search and Social Weekly (1.2)

Search and social

This week we have some great articles on optimization, how to take the mystery out of social media, and, everyone’s favorite, a “best time to post” post.

On-Page Optimization Methods Still Valid in 2013

After a whirlwind year of Google updates this quick overview of what optimization methods are still valid as of now is a great helper for starting off the year.

Demystifying social media

This is an epically awesome post. It’s quite long, but completely worth the time invested in it to read and simply lays out the social media marketing landscape and how it’s working today.

How to Filter Social Media in Google Analytics Reports

Google Analytics is a very powerful tool that has far more uses than you might think and this is one of them. Read this article to see how you can harness it’s power to put together quick and easy reports anytime you might need them.

Building a T-Shaped Web Marketing Skill Set

What is it going to take to be a success in this ever evolving new media marketing world? A marketing skill set to go with it.

33 Links & How To Get Them

Backlinks are often one of the most difficult parts of SEO, but if you follow Justin’s advice he’ll show you how to get 33 worth having.

The best days to post to Facebook, based on industry

Before you say anything, I know that every site and community is unique and it’s very possible that they go against “the best days” trends and so you should be doing your own testing. However, posts like these can be helpful in at least giving you a head start by knowing where to begin looking and testing.

How to Make Your Email Open and Click-Through Rates Skyrocket

You may look at the title of this post and say “hey Josh, what they heck are you trying to pull? Isn’t this the SEARCH and SOCIAL weekly?” and I’ll say yes… yes it is. But, that doesn’t mean we can’t learn from other mediums that can support your search and social goals. Email is a great way to reach your core audience and that audience (if you can get them to open your emails) can help you share content, write reviews, tweet about something related to a campaign, etc. Email is a powerful tool that can assist your search and social efforts and vice versa.

The Convergence of Search and Social – Part 1

Yes this is from my own blog, but that doesn’t stop it from being good information. This is series is going to be the theme on the blog for the next few weeks so stay tuned to see how this all shapes up and at the end I’ll have a bonus, free, download of a presentation about the convergence of search and social available.

That’s it for this week. Thanks for reading,
Josh S Peters

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