Sharing 101, using TwitterFeed and Google shared items

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I love serendipity.

I’ve been trying to figure out a way to share more of the info I come across easier. I’d love to have a “one click” option to share something via Twitter, my Google Shared, BXBW, and save to Delicious, but I haven’t discovered it yet. Then I was assisted by my good friend Caffeine.

Walking through the parking lot of a coffee shop / tattoo parlor / nail salon to my car I came up with a great idea. At least I think it’s a great idea, I’d love to hear your thoughts on it.

First thing’s first, you need to be using Google Reader or any other reader that has a way to share items and push it out via an RSS feed.

That’s my Google Shared items page, isn’t it neato? If you’re not aware of what that is I’ll explain If you know all about it / already have one skip on down to the TwitterFeed image. If you’re looking at this going WTF keep reading.

Google Reader is an RSS reader. You know those orange icons you see all over the web and on blogs like mine (look at the top)? Those are RSS icons and they allow you to subscribe to the content produced on blogs. When you click on them you’ll be prompted to subscribe in a feed reader of your choice (mine is Google Reader) and have the content delivered to you instead of you going to it.

On Google’s there is an option to share or share with a note

Share puts it onto your Shared Items page (like above) and share it with your friends. Share with note lets you add in your 2 cents regarding the info you’re sharing with the world.

The nice thing about Google’s shared is that you can subscribe to anyone’s shared items using the little orange icon found on the page. That’s exactly the feature I wanted to exploit using the next service.

TwitterFeed is a great little service that allows you to setup RSS feed delivery straight into your Twitter stream and the delivery is amazingly customizable. You can setup how often you want an RSS Feed checked, how much info to display when posting to Twitter and even what service you want to use as your link shrinker.

This is what makes it possible to share more info with just a click of the mouse. I just copied the feed link from my Google shared (right click on Atom Feed select Copy Link Location) then entered it into my TwitterFeed account and set it to post up to 3 items from that feed every 30 minutes. Now I’m sharing more information easier. I always have Google Reader open and running on either my computer or my G1, but I don’t always have Twitter running as sometimes it can be a bit of a distraction.

The link shrinking service I use on this is AdJix, which inserts a small ad at the top of anything you link to and if anyone clicks on it the ad you get paid. Some of you might be thinking “oh this is one of THOSE type of posts about how to make money online and blah blah blah.” It’s not.

The reason I’m using Adjix is simple,I want to donate any money I make using the service to TwitterFeed. They are a free (and completely awesome) service that just asks for donations. I was going to do it at a rate of 80 / 20 to them / me but I’ve changed my mind and decided to give them 100% of my income garnered via this setup.

It’s a really quick and easy way to share more information while simultaneously sharing more information.

Can you imagine how much extra funding TwitterFeed might get if power sharers like Chris Brogan or Robert Scoble used this kind of a setup? I think it’s a fantastic idea, what about you?

Thank you for reading
Josh “Shua” Peters


  • Yamile Yemoonyah

    I was struggling with the same problem (how to share with more people) and I opted for the Friendfeed app on Facebook ( although I had been thinking about using Twitterfeed). It imports my Google Reader, my Twitter, Flickr, blog posts etc. into Facebook . But that's not all because you can also set Friendfeed itself to export to Twitter. So now everything I share can be viewed on Facebook, Friendfeed and Twitter. I just love it :-)

  • Josh Peters

    I'm not a huge FF user, but that sounds like a pretty good solution as well. I'm going to have to look into it. Thanks for the tip!

  • stevenmartinez

    I am in love with your quality articles! I wish I had time and patience to make my blog like yours. Thanks for the informative information you share. Bookmarked your blog.

    • Josh Peters

      Thank you for the compliment. I try my best to deliver quality information. If there are any topics you'd like to see me cover please don't hesitate to ask.

  • HTC Magic Review

    Ooohh. Thanks for the tips. Everybody's going Twitter Crazy!!! I'm hoping to get in on the action. 😀

  • HTC Magic Review

    Ooohh. Thanks for the tips. Everybody's going Twitter Crazy!!! I'm hoping to get in on the action. 😀

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