So this is what you people think of me?

This is a list of words that YOU have used to describe me. These are words that as far as the Internet knows are what I’m associated with, what I’m known for, and what I’m all about… pretty neat huh? (if you want to see it in full sized glory just click on it, it’s much bigger than the thumbnail).

I created this by first going to my twitter lists and copying all the lists I’m on to a BrainWashed (6271) and stripping everything from them except the list name (which won’t take much time at all thanks to Rick’s awesome excel walk through below).

Next I went to Wordle and dumped the list of words in and created the awesomeness you see above.

Besides being nice to look at what’s the point of doing something like this?

Online Reputation Management

What are you all about? How are people perceiving you? Ware you putting out the right vibe, talking about the right things, being known for what you want to be known for?

Lets say you did this little experiment and you wanted to be known for your charity work, or non profit work but when you looked at the list terms like comic books, art, or goofy came up more than your others. What would that mean to you?

It would suggest you’re not talking enough (or at all) about what you think / want to. It could mean that you’ve drawn the wrong followers for what you hope to achieve on Twitter. It could also mean nothing at all. You’d have to ultimately be the judge of that.

So here’s your homework. Take a few minutes and go make one of these, then come back and put the link to it in the comments below to share with everyone else.

OR share it via Twitter and use the tag #WordleShare

Can’t wait to see ’em,
Josh “Shua” Peters

p.s. This wasn’t completely original idea, but I don’t know where it came from. I know I either read something, or heard someone talking about something similar to this so if you know who might have beat me to the punch on this please let me know so I can give credit.

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  • mlkeone

    Your p.s. is why I think you are cool- you are willing to share credit even though you put your unique spin on an idea.

    • Josh Peters

      Thank you for the awesome compliment. I try to give credit when / where I can and I hope to see your Wordle showing up here soon :)

  • Ari Herzog

    What words did you prefer people use in lists?

    A different take on wordles is something I created 11 months ago from my prior 100 blog post titles…

    • Josh Peters

      I remember that post, it was a great idea and I considered doing the same. Though it's not the inspiration for this one.

      I'm actually very happy with the words people used on these lists, and shows me that the way I'm trying to present myself online is the way people are seeing me according to the lists they are placing me on.

      I know you're on a Twitter break & have the new government position right now, but if you get some free time I'd love to see your Wordle 😉

  • Rick Galan

    Great idea Josh – I thought I would share how I put mine together in like 3 minutes. :) Oh – here it is for reference:

    So the steps I took were these:
    1: Head to the “Lists Following You” page on your Twitter account.
    2: At the bottom of the page, click “more”, scroll down, and do it again until it stops reappearing (so all your lists are on the same page).
    3: Hit CTRL+A to select the entire screen, then CTRL+C to copy it.
    4: Open up Notepad or another plain text editor.
    5: Hit CTRL+V to paste into Notepad, then CTRL+A and then CTRL+C to copy it out again (this strips formatting).
    6: Open up Excel.
    7: Hit CTRL+V to paste the data in.
    8: Sort the entire sheet by Column A
    9: Delete every row that doesn't start with a “@” (gets rid of all the noise. Depending on which browser you use, you may also need to delete column B to get rid of extra data there too)
    10: Hit CTRL+F, and do a find/replace for “@*/” (without quotes) and replace it with nothing by clicking “replace all” (this removes the Twitter name in front of your list).
    11: Do another find/replace-with-nothing for ” *” (without quotes – note that's a space, then *. This removes extra spaces, as well as the description after the list name)
    12: Do one more find/replace for “-” and replace it with ” ” (a space – this separates the lists into individual words)
    13: Copy that whole list, paste it in the box at!

    I know, it seems like a lot of work.. but it's not. :)

    • Josh Peters

      Thanks for that Rick, That would have made it so much easier if I had thought of using excel when I did mine. You rock & thanks again for sharing that tip.

    • Ari Herzog

      Your instructions assume MS Excel. I use OpenOffice, so the search key at step 10 doesn't work. Ideas?

      • Rick Galan

        I don't use OpenOffice so I'm not sure exactly where it would be, but usually in the “edit” menu there is a “find” or “find & replace” function.. I would try that.

        • Ari Herzog

          I know that much. I refer to the “@*/” search key which does not work.

          • Rick Galan

            Ooh.. I apologize.. :) I would hit the help docs and look up searching for special characters. A lot of times programs use things like @ as wildcard characters. Usually there is something you can do to have it treated like a normal character, like sticking a ~ or ' or in front of it.
            The other option is to take what you have in OpenOffice, and move it over to another text editing program and do the find/replace there.

          • Josh Peters

            Hmm I didn't know that about Open Office. I use it as well, but since you thought of this after I did mine I haven't tried it, though knowing it's search doesn't do that I'll have to monkey around with it next time I try… Ari, did you try it in Google docs? I just thought of that.

          • Ari Herzog

            No, but I since found which defeats the purpose of using excel to begin with. Playing with that. The problem is some lists have descriptions which causes havoc.

          • Ari Herzog

            Rewinding time and looking at this again, as Jay’s code there doesn’t work anymore… and trying Google Docs to no luck. Message for finding/replacing “@*/” (without the quotes) is “text can’t be replaced in formula cells.”

          • Josh Peters

            I haven’t tried it in a while either, maybe I’ll have to sit down and give it a go and see if the results have changed since the last time.

    • Ari Herzog

      OK… here's what I wound up doing to create my Twitter List Wordle on a Mac:

      1. Follow the first two steps by Rick.

      2. Instead of selecting the whole page, mouse over from the first list to the last list, and copy that selection to a simple text editor to strip formatting. I used Komodo Edit.

      3. Then, copy the formatted output and paste it into OpenOffice Spreadsheet, choosing the “space” option when the import pop-up screen appears.

      4. Delete every column except that which has the list names, preceded by usernames. This should be your new Column A. (This is comparable to Rick's step 9.)

      5. Create two new columns in B and C and fill-in random numbers in both columns from row 1 to the last row of list names.

      6. Copy the new output and paste it into the left window at and check both options to delete duplicates and change hyphens to spaces.

      7. You can then copy the right window of output, bring it back into your text editor and replace words as applicable if anything looks weird… before heading to

      Mine will appear at… during the early morning hours of Thursday, January 28.

      • Josh Peters

        Thanks for those added instructions and also for finding the site that inspired this one. I now remember reading Jay's blog post and tucking it into the back of my brain as something to try later. So double thanks

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  • igobydoc

    OK, I finally let my Wordle out of the bag. You can see it here on my blog…

    What Twitter Friends Think Of Me – Want to see my Wordle? #WordleShare

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