Symantec GoEverywhere disclosure

Today I have started a new chapter in my career as a social media sherpa (consultant). As of today I have begun working with Symantec and their GoEverywhere project as their social marketing manager. GoEverywhere is one of Symantec’s incubator projects and it’s a pretty amazing product.

It allows you to aggregate many of your web apps into one convenient webtop with one convenient sign in. It’s a godsend to productivity and a boon to small businesses / startups who can’t afford expensive software. Plus you can backup all of your data to Symantec’s cloud.

That’s just the beginning here’s a few other features:

  • Synch and open your files with Zoho, Google Docs, and more to come.
  • Store all your passwords in a secure location and access your accounts quickly.
  • Make presentations with Preezo & documents with Adobe Acrobat without leaving the webtop.
  • Access your bookmarks, data, IM, and more all in one window.
  • Much Much more and more to come

I am incredibly excited to be working with this project, and to help manage the community. I will be manning the GoEverywhere Twitter account so stop by and say hi. I wanted to have this disclosure open and out there so when I talk about the company and the truly awesome work being done you know that I am working for them right now and you’re not feeling mislead.

Thank you for reading, and following this project
Josh Peters

P.S. Here’s where you go to get a free GoEverywhere beta account!

  • amber


    • Josh Peters

      Thanks :)

  • Dan

    I used to use a Symantec program called PC Anywhere at my last job. It was a pretty sweet program and very useful when trying to connect and diagnose problems on other computers. They make great stuff

    • Josh Peters

      PC Anywhere is indeed a pretty sweet piece of software. GoEverywhere is a webtop that connects to many different SaaS sites and creates your own online personal workspace. It's pretty rad if you're an online poweruser or business owner using SaaS.

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  • Jhonez

    Thanks for the sharing……………. : )

  • ywam

    Congratulation !
    Thanks for the sharing : )

  • williyamb

    Ecommerce Web Design It’s a godsend to productivity and a boon to small businesses / startups who can’t afford expensive software. Plus you can backup all of your data to Symantec’s cloud.

  • jack black

    I heard about Symantec’s incubator projects and the one of their projects called GoEverywhere now only..From ur blog it seems to be useful..i'll check and say..
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  • nlgordaz

    What's your twitter address?


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