The Convergence of Search and Social Part 6 – Content

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When it comes to the convergence of search and social your content needs to follow 2 basic rules. To be in the right place and makes sense to the user. If you can answer affirmatively to both those you’re already going to be a league or two above most of your competition.

At the moment search and social is very heavily content focused. Content is what search engines read and rank. It’s what we look for when we’re researching a brand or products. It’s what gets shared on social networks. It pretty much goes without saying that it’ll be the corner stone of most of your search and social initiatives.

With this much resting on your content you need to make sure that you’re creating the right kind of content for the right audiences. The best way to go about this is to start with your ZMOT analysis. This will inform your decisions about what kind of content to create based on the type of content that your target audience is searching, consuming, and sharing.

Often times one of the big stumbling blocks to content creation is often the actual creation process. As John Doherty points out there are 3 types of equity (Time, Money, and Talent) that come into play with content creation and you need at least two of them to make any piece of quality content. Identifying which category you fall into will help you plan out how to get your content created once you know what your content needs are.


Time & Talent

This is the option taken when you have an internal person or team who can handle the content creation and they have the time to create the necessary content. This is the sweet spot for most companies because you have complete control and you don’t need to outsource your content to an agency of 3rd party. Often this can also create the best content because the content creators know the brand and it’s customers better than most agencies could and being employees they have a stake in the game.

Talent & Money

When money comes into play you have access to a higher level of talent and you also have a budget to amplify the content you get out. Often this is chosen when your internal team doesn’t have the time to get the content created and you need to outsource the content creation to an agency or firm that has the talent you need to build the content in a short amount of time.

Money & Time

Here you can use the time factor (and the money) to hire the talent you need, or to shop around to find the perfect 3rd party partnership for your content creation. Time and money also affords you the ability to buy the resources that you need to make it even more effective. This is also where paid can come into play and you can use that money to leverage your content in multiple ways and get it into even more places in more ways.


At this point we’ve covered all of the search and social bases and if we boil down the process to a tweet it would be: Do your analysis, discover the type of content you need, get it made, optimize it, socialize it, and amplify it.

Thanks for reading,
Josh S Peters

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