The Search and Social Weekly (1.1)

Josh S Peters - Search and SocialIt’s a new year and a new start for the blog. I’ve been considering a lot of options for the direction of the blog and where I want to take it, do with it, accomplish with it, etc. One of the new features (and an encouragement to get at least 1 post per week done) is to publish a Search and Social weekly that rounds up the best / most important articles I’ve read the past week on search / SEO and social media.

In addition to being a regular feature I’m using this as a motivator to keep the blog from being just a collection of other people’s posts and get me to write a lot more original content. To start this year off right I’m going to be publishing a series of 6 posts, over the following 3 weeks, about the convergence of search and social, how it’s impacting business and what you can do about it. They are a it lengthy, but they have some nifty new graphics I whipped up and you definitely don’t want to miss them.

As always, thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy this new feature. I have a few others I’ll be fleshing out and trying out on the blog. I’m determined to get the most out of this blog this year. If you have a blog that’s fallen a bit by the wayside I hope you join me in this effort. If you are, put a link to your blog in the comments below so we can gather some inspiration from each other.

Enjoy the links below and let’s make this our best year as internet marketing professionals yet!

How to fix (or improve) your company’s social media program

This is a phenomenal article about how to turn around what’s currently happening with far too many company’s social media programs. If you’re not familiar with FRY, what it has to do with your social media program and why it’s so important then be sure to give this a read.

Where Social Media Will Grow in 2013 (and Where It Won’t)

“Social Media has had a terrific ride for the past several years, but the days of easy growth are gone. In fact, the days of easy anything in social are behind us.” Augie Ray (SM Director at Prudential) gives us a good look and some solid reasoning for where growth and stagnation will take place in 2013.

Nielson State Of The Media: Social Media Report 2012

This is one to look forward to every year. Lots of excellent data to bring to the table at your next planning or budget meeting.

Google Cutts: Links From Press Releases Won’t Help

“I wouldn’t expect links from press release web sites to benefit your rankings” What Matt Cutts is saying is that while the links in the press releases themselves might not help your rankings, but the buzz and coverage you can generate from press releases might help. So it’s still considered best practices to include links, but just don’t expect them to help with your rankings.

Producing Great Content with No Budget

“The point is not that you don’t need any money at all ever. The point is that no matter what, you are spending some sort of equity on everything you produce, and not everything requires money.” There are three kinds of equity when it comes to content creation. Time, Talent, and Money. When you don’t have one you need to rely on the others and this post does a great job of drilling down through some examples.

How Twitter Works Today…And How I’m Using It Now

“Twitter is full of fake accounts, spam accounts, idle and dead accounts, and various forms of flotsam and jetsam. The real, human-powered accounts that have any vested interest in anything other than blasting out their latest blog post are few and far between.” A really good post from the always awesome Amber Naslund.

Facebook Cover Images and Ads Can Now Only Be 20% Text

“The gist of these changes is that you can’t promote images with more than 20% text in them as page post ads, sponsored stories, or cover images. Facebook will be releasing a tool to help quickly determine whether your image satisfies the 20% limit.” Yup… Facebook is changing things again.

Ridiculous is the new remarkable

“When someone remarks on what you’re doing, the word spreads, replacing the predictable and expensive Mad-Men strategy of advertising with the unpredictable but potentially magical effect of significant word of mouth–ideas that spread win.” Some words of advice from the ever awesome Seth Godin.

Thanks for reading,
Josh S Peters

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