Traditional Marketing + Social Media = Win Win Situation


Over at Jacob Morgan’s Blog he put up a great post about Mixing traditional media with social media and in it he asks some questions about what if traditional media mixed with social media to create a new type of media marketing mutant? He describes some fantastic ideas about how to mix the two together followed by the query “How would you integrate traditional media with social media?”

I wanted to comment really bad, I had a flood of ideas, but after I started writing I realized I had too many to put in a comment section and I didn’t want to take up the whole page, so here I am making a post about it. So Jacob, here’s my response to your question.

Toys and Games
The holiday season is upon us and as it grows ever near people want to get that special hard to get gift to make their little tykes feel special. So why not have a link at the end of a Barbie, Hotwheels, etc commercial that sends people to their FaceBook profile or fan group and the first 1,000 get a free special edition toy, or chance to buy a “collectible” at a reduced rate.

That could also be done with accessories. “Join our FaceBook group and get a coupon for one free Barbie convertible” or something along those lines.

Board games always come with advertising inserts for other games the company makes, what if instead there was a code to download a free version of the game for your iPhone or PC? Or if you already downloaded them it unlocked features like playing live with your friends.

On the flip side if you download Monopoly for your iPhone why not send a link along with it that takes you to a coupon you can print off for a discount on the board game.

Let’s say Nabisco wants to test out a new cracker. So at the end of a commercial they put up a link for a free trial. On the site have an offer to let people try the new product for free and if they blog about it and send the link to Nabisco the blogger would get a couple boxes of their favorite Nabisco products. Which most people would then blog about again once they got their free stuff.

At the end of a Pizza Hut commercial put a code for people to DM to their Twitter account. Then send those people back a link to an exclusive coupon only available by sending them that code over Twitter.

Make a commercial filled with great looking food all made with Kraft products and then at the end put up a link to Kraft’s FaceBook group and have a sultry voice say something like “Learn how at FaceBook now”. If Kraft wanted to take that further they could create their own social network all revolving around cooking, sharing recipes and food tips where they could give special offers to members.

Aural Fixation
Here’s the scenario. Trendy Band is set to release a new album. Their last album was mediocre so people aren’t as excited about the new album. What’s a record label to do? Instead of just slapping an ad in AP, AMP, or Blender about their “Killer new album” how about you run a campaign that ties into the bands MySpace Music page? Put the first song on there and state that you won’t release another until that song hits 20,000 plays or something like that. Do this until you have revealed the whole album on MySpace and then send out a link to the bands MySpace friends to go and Download the album for cheap. Like $5 kind of cheap. BOOM! New fans. I don’t know if I should leave this idea out there the RIAA is likely to find it, use it, and then sue me for mentioning Trendy Band without their consent.

Let’s say a Radio Station wants to get people more involved in their local radio broadcast. How about if you post up a list of songs on your web site, use some radio commercial ad time to announce a new feature, and then invite people to create podcasts of themselves giving intro’s to the songs or even making a little spot for the radio station. People can then vote on who has the best intro’s and now the radio station has people listening for themselves or their friends introducing songs. “Here’s Trendy Band and their new single It’s all the same, which we are only hearing because their fans listened to it 20,000 times on MySpace. Way to go fans!”

Tv and Movies
Let’s get some interaction going with the TV huh. Lets say you’re watching CSI and Grisom gets Richie to hack into someone’s Twitter profile to see DM’s and there are some links there. Well have those links go somewhere and if the observant watcher writes down the link they will get clues that help you figure out the killer while watching the show.

Have the characters of a show use Twitter to talk to each other and have said posts show up on Twitter links and everything, but have the sites be password protected so you have to watch the show to get the password to get to bonus features of the show. Previews, bloopers, un aired extras, etc.

Instead of having the long ass trailers in front of movies have a teaser and then a URL for the movie / movie companies MySpace profile. If you friend them they send you a link for an exclusive trailer for the movie.


I’ve seriously got about a dozen more that cover quite the range of topics from how to get TV audiences more engaged in the shows they watch even after the show is over to social media generated commercials. However I’m going to stop there because the post is getting long, my dinner is getting cold, and my drink is getting warm.

What do you think? How would you meld traditional and social media together?


  • amber oler

    Ha! i found your blog. Now I can blog stalk you. I have one but it is mostly about my family. I throw in a political rant now and then, especially the prop 8 thing. Man that pissed me off. Anyway, I’ll make doug read your blog too, I like it!

  • jacob morgan

    hey josh,

    awesome ideas there. love the csi episode where someone hacks into a twitter account, then people can follow csi on twitter to see what those hacked messages were :)

    so many creative things that companies can do!

    thanks for the response

  • Josh Peters

    Thanks for the comment. I agree there are so many things companies could do if they want to. Social media encompasses hundreds of tools and it would be nice to see companies start utilizing them more.

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    Board games always come with advertising inserts for other games the company makes, what if instead there was a code to download a free version of the game for your iPhone or PC?

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