Twitter Analytics… we’re waiting

Twitter Analytics

The Twitter Analytics we were promised… in 2011… and never got.

I wrote a post for WebProNews, Dear Twitter Analytics… You’re Late,  that was 1/2 rant and 1/2 informational. The rant is about how long it’s been that Twitter has promised us analytics, but never delivered. It’s truly a gross tale of broken promises and underachievement. The informational 1/2 is a list of sites / methods that you can use to get Twitter analytics data. Which, it’s great that they exist, but you have to be a little suspicious of the accuracy since it’s not coming directly from the source.

To me it’s not just the fact that Twitter is behind the game with all of it’s competitors in the social networking field, with only Google + being a bigger embarrassment in the analytics department, it’s that this is a trust issue. Twitter needs to make more money, and a platform that wants to earn advertisers and marketers trust needs to provide data. Offer us more data and we’re more likely to open our budgets to you. As it is, it feels like Twitter’s hiding something.

Twitter, if you’re reading this I want you to know that my rants about don’t come from a place of hate. I love you Twitter and I want to see you thrive. I don’t want to see you wither and die on the vine because you couldn’t get some of the basics down so you could better monetize your loyal user base and make the money you need to grow.

Please Twitter, for the sake of those who love you, put out a #&$%ing analytics platform already and start proving your worth so we can justify giving you part of our budgets.

Thanks for reading,
Josh S Peters

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