What's the hot new thing at the ORSM09? Why it's Twitter!

Swag scored via Twitter

My second day at the ORSM09 (thanks again Hotcakes for bringing me) has been filled with fun, adventure, and you guessed it, Social Media. Yesterday I spoke about a couple of brands that are just beginning to really delve into social media and so today I thought I’d look at one of our favorite social media power houses, Twitter.

Now despite what some people think about Twitter here, it’s actually become a very useful tool for finding out what’s happening and who’s chatting about the show. I’ve been following the ORSM09 twitter account with quite some interest. I’ve had it open on my phone’s browser at all times and watch it find out what’s happening and where.

One such brand who is taking advantage of Twitter and the exposure they’re getting through the ORSM09 profile is Gerber. During the lunch time lull they sent out a tweet that the first 12 people to come to their booth from Twitter would get a prize (which was rt’d by orsm09. The prize was one of their newest knives and a stainless steel water bottle (pictured above).

I was the first one on the scene quickly followed by fellow SMCSLC member Scott and the Gerber people were actually surprised. They didn’t really expect anyone to show up. As I walked away admiring my new swag I heard one of them say “that was the best thing that’s happened today”. It’s amazing how surprised people are when they see a response.

The ORSM09 twitter account has been THE thing to watch here. Them rt’ing all the tweets with ORSM09 in them has been incredibly useful. It has turned their profile into the one stop info location about what’s going on. I don’t have to follow the hashtag, I don’t have to follow the keyword, I just follow the one profile and I’m instantly in the loop.

Gerber is just one brand developing their social media muscles here. Take a look at how some of these other guys are promoting themselves via Twitter here at the ORSM09.

Ola Loa is reminding to take your vitamins today, but if you forgot to come by their booth and have some of theirs.

FlashPanStove has been interacting with many of the other brands on Twitter during the show.

Activewear brand Arc’teryx have not only been talking about their stuff, but cool stuff from others.

UsGlobalSat has been letting people know they’re at the show and giving out coupon codes via Twitter.

Kestrel has been talking about their product and the stuff they’re getting at other vendors.

And thanks to people like the DailyHiker I found out where to get free coffee at.

It’s good to see brands starting to adopt this medium and starting to use it. The one thing I’d like to say to them is start interacting more! So many of them are using Twitter as a broadcast and not a 2 way conversation that while I’m getting good info from them now, it makes me thing about next week when the ORSM09 ends.  Where’s the value of following them if all I’m going to get is pitches.

This goes for not just the brands at the ORSM09 but for brands everywhere. If you’re gaining followers and attention from using your Twitter profile at an event you need to engage your followers. If not, then they won’t really have a reason to stick around after the show.

Thanks for reading,
Josh “Shua” Peters

p.s. To all of you coming here from one of my business cards smile :) They’re printed on recycled material.

  • http://pacobelle.blogspot.com/ Scott

    This has been a lot of fun seeing business using Twitter at the show…feel like I have missed a lo of displays because my eyes have been glued to my TweetDeck. Nice job pal!


    • http://www.shuaism.com Josh Peters

      Thanks, I'm glad you liked the post. The show has been great and it was fun hanging out with you at the ORSM09 :)

  • http://www.shuaism.com Josh Peters

    Thanks, I'm glad you liked the post. The show has been great and it was fun hanging out with you at the ORSM09 :)

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